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My personal diet and lifestyle changes have literally created a new and improved me. I have loads more energy, a boosted immune system, so less colds and flu's, a balanced blood sugar level so no more intense food cravings and a  healthier body, inside and out.


Time and time again we see our clients make simple diet changes that have dramatic affects on their well being and overall health. By gaining a greater understanding of  how food effects you mentally physically and emotionally, our clients are empowered to make life changing improvements to their diet.


Our coaching focuses on finding and addressing the CAUSE of illness and disease as opposed to simply treating the symptoms.  Contact me to see if I can help make a difference for you.

For many years I was a total stress junkie, sleep deprived, and surviving on an unhealthy diet while suffering with digestive disorders and constant headaches. As a busy senior executive and ex  CEO in the corporate rat race, I tended to brush aside any of my body's signals to slow down and kept telling myself to man up! My attitude was always work hard, play hard and drop the excuses! I constantly pushed my body beyond its limitations and when I cracked I simply sourced the best quick fix pill and got right back at it again.


After several melt downs, and each time finding it harder to get back to my best, I decided to attack the problem with the same passion I had for business. Through studying holistic health and nutrition in New York (at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition & State University of New York) I realised stress and a nutrient poor diet were major catalysts for more serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. I was only managing my symptoms, not understanding that my lifestyle was the primary cause of most of my health concerns.

I learnt through a holistic health approach how to naturally heal myself and better understand my body by making small manageable and sustainable changes.  I also studied the physiological side and how the body works and adapts during an advanced personal training diploma with Premier International in London and subsequent courses on kettlebell instruction (via Premier International), spinning (via Mad Dog Athletics), and cycling (via British Cycling).


During this path of discovery,  I learnt what the right foods were to fuel my body for exercise and lost over 20 kg’s (44 pounds), dramatically reduced my stress, understood the true cause of my digestive problems, found balance in my exercise routines, eliminated re-occurring injuries and gained heaps of new found energy! Finally, I plucked up the courage to quit my job as a CEO of a multi-national sports media company and follow my true passion and joined my partner (and wife) full time in building Me Organic. Both Leigh and I are hugely passionate about making a difference in the lives of busy female corporate executives and guiding them through this crazy world on how to lead a long term healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


We specialise in working with busy female corporate executives who want to either lose (or gain) weight, overcome re-occurring illnesses and injuries, improve work stress,  or suffer from food sensitivities, gluten intolerances, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. We also work  with time pressed women who just want to improve their lifestyle and simply find balance in their life again.


On the sports side, I work closely with predominantly female amateur road cyclists interested in training for endurance road cycling events including Etape's, Sportive's, Charity rides, multi day events, etc). We address pre, during & post sports nutrition foods & strategies; optimum weight levels, use of vitamins & minerals, overcoming injuries, prevention techniques to stop re-occurring colds or injuries, work stress and hormonal impact, body statistics analysis, on the bike training plans, range of motion testing,  and muscle strengthening exercises/routines, etc.

One-on-one sessions are available:

•In person (London based),

•Via skype video conference call,

•Over the phone

Group sessions, talks or workshops are available upon request.


Our top selling breakthrough sessions are available by contacting us via email: [email protected]

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Having grown up with a mum who always pushed the benefits of healthy eating and alternative therapies, I have always had an interest in holistic nutrition, understanding the benefits of eating well and healing with foods. I suffered with a number of reoccurring illnesses in my early twenties including eczema,  regular kidney infections, extreme exhaustion and constantly feeling run down and stressed, craving sugar to keep me going through the day .


After numerous  trips to doctors and specialists and a frustrating repeat course of antibiotics each time, I decided there must be another way. I was finally diagnosed in 2008 by a naturopath in NYC with adrenal fatigue and Candida, a result of all the sugar I was eating and further compounded by my stressful lifestyle. This was the turning point for me and after 7 years in the online world, I  returned to studying in order to get a qualification in holistic health and nutrition so I could not only help myself but share my knowledge with others.

Togo Keynes


Leigh Rogers

Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Cycling Coach & Spinning Instructor

Holistic Sports Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Coach

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