If you are not entirely happy with your results and don't feel more energised, healthier and vibrant, we will gladly refund you your money, provided you have followed our programme and implemented all the changes we recommend.

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Struggling with weight issues, lack of energy or simply have a specific health goal in mind but don't know where to start? With our holistic approach to wellness  we focus on getting YOU in touch with your body again and  support your transition to  a more vibrant, exciting and sustainable lifestyle. We will work together to address your individual needs and give your health an overhaul by educating you on what changes will have the biggest impact on YOUR Health. Don't  put addressing your health off until that dreaded wakeup call. It's time to take back ownership of your health now.


Through working with us, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for you specifically and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health. We take a different approach to most dieticians who typically dwell on the c word -calories, or lists of low fat, no fat, lower sugar and no sugar  foods.


Our holistic approach is to work with you to make gradual lifestyle adjustments that will benefit you forever and create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. We work on creating  your ideal  lifestyle, crammed with nutrient dense foods, an exercise routine you can't  say no to and more indulgent personal relationships.

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Renew, recharge, revitalise

Your Holistic programme includes:

We specialise in:


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  • Weight Loss

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Food Intolerances: gluten ,soy and dairy-free diets

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Highly stressed corporates


  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of food, natures pharmacy, and understand how  your current diet is affecting your health


  • Feel empowered to create a healthy lifestyle that’s exciting, nourishing and free of denial and deprivation


  • Learn the A B Cs of nutrition with a personalised holistic approach


  • Acquire relevant information on the best foods to integrate into your diet to help you reach your goal


  • Feel good about your body all year round by losing weight naturally and keeping it off


  • Listen to your body and decode the messages it is sending you


  • Identify the key areas you need to work on and receive practical steps to address them

Why YOU should do it:

PASSION, Health, LOVE Energy

We Guarantee you will:

PASSION, Health, LOVE Energy

  • Spring out of bed and stay revitalised throughout the day with bucket loads of energy


  • Reduce your cravings and sugar/caffeine addictions by balancing your blood sugar levels  


  • Heal your body naturally from ailments and allergies like high cholesterol, blood pressure eczema etc.


  • Decrease reoccurring illnesses and infections by boosting your immunity


  • Cut out annoying digestive issues by gaining a better understanding of food intolerances and your eating patterns


  • Learn to buy, prepare and cook nutritious, healthy meals that taste delicious


  • Develop sharper concentration and alertness by acquiring  an understanding of the foods that nourish and cleanse you


  • Fight the aging process by working on your skin from the inside out  


  • Improve your exercise and fitness routine through ongoing and personalised support


  • Reduce your stress load and bring balance into your life

helping you live a vibrant life

helping you live a vibrant life