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"Before I started coaching with Leigh, I thought of myself as quite a healthy person.  I did regular exercise, ate what I thought was a healthy diet and had found some work / life balance however Leigh has taken me to a completely new level!  Her patience, knowledge and passion for what she does has inspired me to change some long-standing habits.  I had no 'off' button when it came to snacking chocolate and crisps, however Leigh has helped me to take on a healthier approach to snacking without compromising on taste - something she does very well!  I've extended my recipe repertoire, tried lots of new things and been given relevant information that helps me make healthier choices in the supermarket and when eating out.  As a result I feel and look (so others tell me) great.  I would thoroughly recommend health coaching with Leigh - she's kind, empathetic, realistic and passionate.  I am now the healthiest I have ever been and am confident that I have the tools and habits to continue leading a healthy life in the future."

" Having been plagued with gluten and diary intolerance it was a breath of fresh air going to the Me organic course ‘Bad food gone good’. Not only did I learn quick healthy recipes but gained nutritional advice on a broad range of ingredients. Through the recipes taught I will be able to serve up healthy organic Pizza’s and spring rolls without the burden of being ill. The ingredients are all easily attainable and the end result absolutely delicious. I look forward to many a Saturday Pizza evening followed by scrumptious banana ice-cream without the diary consequences;). Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the possibilities of what food can really do for me! "




“Great cookery course,  really informative and enjoyable at the same time.  Makes a great girls night out with a difference.  Will definitely be recommending it to all my friends”  





“Huge thanks to MeOrganic for a cracking culinary experience.  My friends and I learnt so much throughout the evening – from where to source healthy ingredients and what to look out for on food labels to how to make beautiful tasty meals in a really simple and time efficient manner. We went away with all our questions answered, happily full and dreaming of those sinful brownies.”





“ If you are looking to learn more about food, about the good and bad habits and want to add a twist into your mundane cooking rituals and transform your dishes into something spectacular, delicious, and ultimately the healthier option, then  I would definitely recommend a cooking experience with ME Organic.  My friends and I had a lovely evening learning about foods, what to look out for, what to avoid, what the healthy substitutes are and then how to put it all together to make a delicious and scrumptious meal…3 courses including dessert… what more can a “foodie” ask for!"


What others are saying

Sarah Woodward. Twickenham

Sophie Bailey, Sutton

Therina Bennett, Chiswick


Duncan Leonard, Putney

Deb Dewe, Richmond

Cara Carter, Twickenham

Catherine Chiswick

Ben Tickle, Twickenham

Tammy, Southfields

Carrie Ann, Wimbledon 

“After years of following what I thought to be a relatively varied, healthy and balanced diet, albeit not benefiting from any significant results, I invested in nutritional programme with Togo and Me Organic. Four months on, I can safely say this was the best investment I ever made. Why ? Togo clearly understood my goals which resulted in him being able to design a carefully crafted programme. A programme that considered my work/life balance, exercise regieme, lifestyle etc. Gradually, alternative and heathier options were introduced into my diet. For the first time in my life I now know what it feels like to have a varied, healthy and balanced lifestyle! I'm now armed with tools and motivation to maintain a happier and healthier lifestyle. This isn't another diet ..... but a real lifestyle change. Embrace it and you will never look back. Thank you Me Organic”

“I have worked with a number of PT's at various gyms and I have to say that Togo stands head and shoulders above anybody else I have ever worked with. I first met Togo during spin classes at my local gym. His classes were immediately a step change from the norm, very much grounded in real world functional training, focussed and challenging but always fun with lots of useful tips on technique, posture, nutrition and stretching. Alongside several other regulars I decided to take it to the next next level and purchased a new road bike and all the trimmings through the Cycle2Work scheme. I quickly found that sitting on a spin bike was a lot simpler than my new shiny Giant Defy road bike! After some embarrassing moments and painful falls I realised that I had to get some help. I asked Togo if he could provide some coaching and described the challenges I was having with even the most basic elements such as setting off, braking, gear changing and even getting my feet out of the clip pedals! My problems were compounded by suffering from arthritis since a young age so my range of motion meant even getting on and off was not a simple matter! It if fair to say that my confidence and expectations were pretty low but Togo took the time to listen and made me feel immediately at ease, after just 25 minutes of our first session together we made real progress and I was amazed at how Togo could diagnose my problems and communicate what I needed to change so effectively. By the end of just one session (much longer than the hour we had planned by the way) I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. From what could have been an expensive failure I am now looking forward to being able to cycle socially (competitively!) with friends and also to participate in sportives and long distance rides including London to Paris. I am greatly looking forward to continuing my work with Togo in both my cycling and wider health / fitness goals and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.”

“I met Togo in Richmond Park for the first cycling session and he instantly made me feel at ease. He checked my bike before we set off on the first of many laps around the park. Within the first few minutes Togo was riding beside me and pointing out how I should be holding my handlebars/breaks and what position I should be in while riding. The boot camp sessions really helped with my general fitness and building up strength to help with cycling. I enjoyed the variety of the sessions and learning different exercises and stretches. Togo really helped keep me motivated throughout the team & train program. I hope to continue training with meorganic as so far it has been extremely fun and I have met an amazing group of people. Togo & Meorganic have helped me lose weight (approx 8kg) and increased my energy levels in a very short space of time mainly through exercise but also by making me aware of healthier nutrition options.”

“Togo is highly driven, goal orientated and a passionate self starter. One of his best qualities is that you buy into Togo the person. Through his enthusiasm, passion for cycling and excellent organisation & leadership skills i have gone from being a casual member of a weekly spin class to a cycling enthusiast... Togo - keep up the great work!”

"Leigh has helped me to break a 30 year ‘habit’ of sugar, tea,coffee and self sabotage. I am now nourishing rather than feeding myself. I feel empowered to do the best for my body and life thanks to the patient, caring positive coaching I have received and I really liked getting little gifts at the end of each session. Made me feel very special (-: Best investment I have ever made."

Alistair McCombe, Chiswick

Christa, Islington

Letitia, Putney

Kirsten Rogers. Dentist, 53 Wimple street

Rob Gilbert, Chiswick


Alice Loersch. Putney

Sarah Austin, Twickenham

I had hoped to learn more about food by seeing a nutritionist. What I gained over the course of my 6 sessions with Leigh was far more than just knowledge about food. I now have a growing appreciation of a truly balanced diet, a far healthier relationship with food and my needs balanced in with my young families needs, plus the confidence to try new recipes and adapt family favourites and invisibly add value to our meals in simple ways. Leigh's ability to empathise and listen to my concerns, which more often than not turned into rants, and lead me toward simple solutions which felt like my own ideas struck the perfect balance for the sessions

"Leigh and Togo are great motivators - they really care about helping you improve your health and wellbeing. Thank you meOrganic for showing me the path to a healthier me!"

“Togo has been my personal trainer for the last 4 months and has made a real difference already to my attitude to excercise and also my overall health. He sets bespoke programmes up for you and works around your lifestyle and also understands my work pressures. He is so enthusiastic, is very knowledgeable about personal fitness and also gives me tips and hints about my nutrition along the way. I feel stronger and happier as a result and have lost some weight too.Togo is very inspiring and as a result makes exercising fun. I aim to cycle London to Paris with him next year and it is great to have a shared goal with someone. I would recommend Togo, he works hard and is dedicated to making a better you!”

I cannot thank Leigh enough for being so welcoming and understanding, she has opened my eyes to the healthy choices out there….and there are so many wonderful amazing ones that I have been introduced to, flaxseeds anyone? please!! Loved the supermarket tour as its so helpful to see what exactly to avoid and what to try as there are so many brands out there, and the free goodies where a great incentive to get home and try new things! I now consciously make healthy choices for me and my family and the outcome has been that everyone has benefited. Thank you me organic!"

"I worked with me organic on a three month programme and divided my 6 sessions between nutrition and Fitness. I use the word "worked" as that is what we did together. Looking at my diet fitness goals and together developing solutions that worked for me. It is up to me now to implement. Both elements were excellent, practical and most of all relevant to my life and the changes I face on staying healthy. Togo was also flexible with his time and I was able to change session times/dates without any problem. I realised my diet wasn't too bad, however with a few slight changes I managed to lose 4 lbs over the 6 sessions ( incl the xmas period) which I am delighted about. The fitness sessions took place in Richmond Park and provided me with practical answers to problems I did not realise I had - I am embarrassed to say I was only using 1/3 of my gears!  It was fun, informative and most of all tailor made to me."

"I really enjoyed the 6 month nutrition programme, I learnt alot about diet, nutrition and wellbeing. Enjoyed trying different foods and opening up my taste buds. Togo has a lot of energy and passion for diet, health and exercise. He is not afraid to prompt, cajole and remind you when required but also has compassion,  sincerity and understanding."

"I can honestly say a course with 'me organic' is probably the most beneficial thing I've ever done for myself, and my family. Leigh has changed the way I think about food and I've never felt so healthy or had so many compliments! Leigh helped me to adapt my diet in the easiest way so I enjoyed every session with her and incorporating my new knowledge into my families meals. At the age of 38 and being medically trained I thought I was fairly healthy with food. Leigh is stuffed with knowledge, bursting with passion for her subject and care for her client. I feel fantastic and have easily adapted to my new savvy attitude to seeing diet as a major key  to being happy and healthy. Thank you me organic."